Healthy Menus

Developing menus can be a difficult job.  The My Plate website gives some ideas about how to put meals together by looking at different food groups.  Remember, calorie needs and portion sizes can differ greatly between siblings, parents and friends.  Most children have an in-born sense that tells them when they are full and they will stop eating.  As parents, we need to be aware of their needs but not try to have them clean their plates, unless they are washing them!

Healthy Seven Day Menu

(Disclaimer:  This seven day menu is based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet.  Individual calorie needs may be higher or lower depending on needs.   The role of this menu is to provide ideas for health and variety in family meals.  It is not meant to be followed as a specific dietary prescription.) Find it […]

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Nutrient Rich Shopping List

This ready-made grocery shopping list from puts nutrient-rich ideas at your fingertips to help you streamline meal planning and shopping. Examples of nutrient-rich choices are grouped by the five basic food groups to help remind you to enjoy a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods and beverages from all groups. Find it here:

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Family Meal Time

Sitting down to dinner is a concept that many families have difficulty doing these days.  It can be for everyone to come together as a family for a dinner meal. At times, it seems like every night is full with after-work meetings, football practice or music lessons. However, making time for family meals is important. […]

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Healthy Home Tips

Healthy Home Tips for All Families: Make Meal time a Family Affair: Prepare meals with the help of the children.  Doing this allows you to help educate your child on how to cook.  Plus, including children in the meal preparation step allows them to become “owners” of the meal.  This is a great time to […]

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